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Thu 3/28/2019 2:15 PM Thanks again Tony and I received the two new sets the other day. I’ve only installed the one with the cracked seat so far and it works a treat. No doubt the others will work just fine too.  Great and easy to use product. Well done! Cheers Fred
Thank you Tony for such great and prompt service. I received the spindles on Wednesday, fitted them straight away and no more drips and so easy to turn on and off.My wife loves them. Alan
19-12-2019 The spindles arrived in record time (9:45AM) yesterday and I put them in following the instructions last evening more drips!  I and the local plumber have put three or maybe four sets of spindles in that shower and countless jumper washers of varying design and one set of stainless steel seats (which I removed prior to installation).  None of these measures are any match for your engineering skills. Many many thanks, have a happy and safe Christmas and a prosperous new year. Brett
08-06-2020 Hello, Tony,Thank you so very much for your good advice, rapid service, and your generosity in bearing the postage cost, which - yes - is greatly appreciated by this lone age pensioner! I replaced the tap with the known cracked seat, couldn't wait to turn the water on, and, shock horror, the leak was as prolific as ever. I was thinking I'd have to ask for trouble-shooting advice when it occurred to me that I had assumed the other tap was still OK, but when I replaced it - voila, leaking stopped. What a relief and pleasure, after 4 years of catching drips in a jug then, as the leaking increased, turning the water off at the stop-cock between uses - because I thought the only solution would be an expensive plumber replacing the bits behind the tiling! Thank you again, I am deeply grateful for your help and service.Phyllis.
26-11-2020 Hello Tony, Thank you so much for your personal assistance to help me purchase the correct deep seat basin tap top assembly. This has saved me to not remove the hand basin to install a complete assembly. Thanks again, George.
A simple step to fix leaking taps and permanently. No need to break the wall, or to do tap re-seating even with a crack. Just screw in this Easyseal tap spindle.
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